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Major Madhukar Katragadda is a Chief Mentor of “Majors Group”. Madhukar Katragadda is a serial entrepreneur, a social scientist, and a location independent digital nomad. He an alumnus of Sainik School Korukonda in Andhra Pradesh, India and a graduate from the prestigious National Defence Academy at Kharakvasla, Pune. He served in the Indian Army as a commissioned officer for over 11 years in 47 Armoured Regiment of the Indian Army.

He is a man of his own ways. He left the Army in 1994 voluntarily, to pursue his purposeful lifetime goals. Major Madhukar Katragadda is currently a member of the Executive Committee of “All India Resort Development Association” and is also its honorary secretary.He founded “Majors Group” in the year 2000 to act as a commonwealth of collaborative leadership for building multiple, for profit and not for profit social purpose ventures.

Failure is indeed a very good teacher. I failed many times in my life, and so I believe that the story of my life will have much to teach those who wish to learn from it. I have embarked on a journey which is difficult and where the probability of failure is very high. So it is but natural that my failures overshadow my successes. But I believe that those very stories of my failures will hopefully act as stepping stones for success for those who wish to learn from my experiences.

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